June 23, 2019


The tools that power my daily life as a software engineer.


  • Tom Bihn Synapse 25 - A solid water resistant bag. The lack of an internal frame is an aquired taste, but really useful where you’re in a cramped airplane seat. Fits all the items below and some more.
  • Desktop - Mid-tier linux box that does a great job at dealing with development load than my laptop.
  • 13-inch 2017 Macbook Pro - 🤷‍♂️ at least there’s no touchbar.
  • Pixel 3 - Great camera, great size does the job for me.
  • 9.7” iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil - It’s a bit old but runs the latest iOS and the battery still works. I primarily use it for note-taking.
  • Bose QC35 - Best travel headphones by far. Dare I say it is quite comfortable.
  • RHA Trueconnect - For when headphones are not practical.
  • Victorinox Zip-Around wallet - Really useful if you travel around (quite a few countries in Europe are not card-friendly).
  • Logitech MX Master - I really dig the multi-device support and quick-switching.
  • Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD - Amazingly portable charger from Anker supports Power Delivery, can even charge my laptop when I’m not actively using it.


  • 1Password - Nifty password-manager, syncs with Dropbox.
  • Visual Studio Code - I spend most of my day here.
  • Alfred - Superfast app launcher and custom workflow executor.
  • Xcode - SwiftUI.
  • Dash - Lookup documention quickly.
  • Toggl - Gotta track that ⏰.
  • Things - Best task-manager bar none.
  • podcst.app - Great podcast client for the web 😉.
  • iTerm2 - Superfast terminal for the macOS.


  • zsh - oh my zsh is life.
  • neovim - For when I need something faster than a web-browser.
  • fzf - Fuzzy anything is a win my books.
  • ripgrep - A better grep.
  • jq - JSON processor for your cli.
  • autojump - Fuzzy file system jumper.
  • now - Crazy simple serverless cli.
  • omz git plugin - deserves an entry of its own, they’re that good.

Thanks to khoi for the original post that inspired this 🙌.

Shantanu Raj